" Come Holy Spirit "

Posted by Estherina Octavia on 05.00 in ,
Come holy spirit fall on me now
I need your anointing come in your p'wer
I love you holy spirit
You're captivating my soul
And every day I grow to love you more

Reff :
I'm reaching for your heart
You hold my life in your hands
Drawing me closer to you
I fell your power renewed
Nothing compares to this place
Where I can see you face to face
I worship you
In spirit and in truth


Lagu nya memberkati banget.

Terimakaasih sekali, lagunya sangat indah, alunan musiknya dan setiap liriknya sangat membangun :)

Tuhan memberkati

makasih liriknya... Jesus Bless :D

Terima kasih.. sangat membantu.. Tuhan memberkati.. share yg lain ya agar yg lain jg bisa tau lahu yg lain.. semangat..

Gimana ya?.nyadanya? Mungkin ada video di Yutube kah.

ada kok
Datang Roh Kudus - Sidney

Thanks somuch im very blessed

Seneng banget sama lagu ini, kalo denger ini pasti hati langsung tenang

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